Additional Pool Services


There are many options available to modernize your pool and spa.  The possibilities are endless with creative designs, water features, an array of material options, outdoor structures and kitchens, joined by state of the art equipment upgrades to make your pool efficient and save you money.  Your backyard can become an innovative delight.    

AquaTrend Pools is pleased to offer you the convenience of meeting all your pool needs with one simple phone call directly to us.  In addition to the weekly pool maintenance services,  we offer the following services:


When there is something wrong with your pool or spa, you want the issue identified and repaired quickly.  Our repair teams will bring your pool back to perfect working order.  We also provide new equipment upgrades and installations.

Our repair services include the following areas:
Pool Equipment Upgrades
Leak Detection
Pool Equipment Repairs
Light and LED Lights
Salt Chlorine Generators
Pool Heaters
Pool pumps
Clogged line repair