Weekly Service Plan

Our highly trained Pool Techs preform the service routine detailed below to your pool on a weekly basis.  As part of our service, we inspect your pool overall and additionally the functionality of your pool equipment to identify any problems.  We will bring any issues to your attention and for your convenience can quickly schedule repair service through our Repair Department.

Water Balancing/Pool Chemical Analysis and Adjustments:

  • Total Chlorine

  • Free Chlorine

  • pH (Potential Hydrogen)

  • pH Factor

  • TA (Total Alkalinity)

  • Cyanuric acid (stabilizer)

  • Total bromine

  • Chloramines

  • Total Dissolved Solids

  • Water Hardness (Calcium Hardness)



Pool Equipment:

  • Skimmer baskets checked and emptied

  • Pump strainer baskets checked and emptied

  • Filter backwashing

  • Overall pool equipment inspections


Pool Cleaning-:

as needed

  • Net Pool surface and bottom

  • Brush walls

  • Scrub steps

  • Brush Tiles

  • Vacuum pool