Why Choose a Pool Maintenance Professional

AquaTrend Pools believes that pool ownership should be a completely enjoyable experience. You work hard and deserve to come home to relax in your own personal backyard oasis.  Unfortunately, owning a pool does require a commitment of keeping it clean.  Pool maintenance is a monumental and exhausting job for a pool owner to take on, requiring consistent dedication. 


Cleaning a pool is very important for the safety of swimmers.  Not only is an improperly maintained pool sure to quickly become ugly, it is dangerous to the health of those who enjoy that pool.  Harmful bacteria can quickly begin to grow in pool water that is not maintained regularly and unwanted pests may breed there.  To achieve water purity for the sake of your health, the correct ratio of pool chemicals and pH balancing are crucial.  These chemicals assist in balancing acidity and alkalinity and also take minerals out from the water.  Additionally, they kill harmful bacteria and algae.  Handling these chemicals on your own is a risk since burns and a variety of skin injuries can result if caution is not used or if proper balancing is not achieved. 


In addition to the chemistry aspect of pool maintenance, your pool’s steps, walls, and floors need regular brushing or they may sustain damage that would be costly to repair.  Your pool requires regular vacuuming and removing debris off the surface of the water. Your pool’s basket and filters must also be emptied regularly.  Neglect to the pool equipment may also result in damage.  All pool equipment should be checked on a regular basis in order to reveal small problems easily repaired.  Addressing small problems early on can spare expensive problems in the future.  All aspects of your pool will last longer and equipment will work more efficiently if your pool is properly cared for.


We feel your free time should be spent enjoying your pool, not constantly worrying about all the different steps needed to keep your pool perfect.  AquaTrend Pools offers weekly pool service that covers every aspect of your pool’s maintenance needs.  You can relax and fully enjoy your backyard luxury knowing that we are taking care of your investment.